A collection of reportedly haunted locations in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana


1804 House
Location :: 12210 Old Shelbyville Road
The tale for this old house is one of a headless ghost who wanders down the attic stairs at night. The original owners, Joseph and Catherine Abell, were well off financially and a legend claims their fortune was hidden on the property. I doubt that any treasures remain on the grounds, as the Abell's had 14 children to clothe and feed.

Big Rock
Location:: Natural Landmark in Cherokee Park
This huge boulder rests on the bank of Bear Grass Creek and on some nights the eerie fog is so thick you can barely see right in front of you. I've heard many stories about this area, including sightings of a Native American scout, crouched on the tree that leans over the road on the other side of the creek. 

Blue Castle Tavern
Location :: 1004 East Oak Street
Some very strange noises have been heard in this building, and some very strange figures have been reported as well. The Germantown area has a small bar or tavern on just about every corner, but none serve spirits quite like this one.

Brennan House 

Location :: Corner of Fifth and Chestnut Streets
Owen Caster, a volunteer at the house, has seen a baby crib rocking wildly by itself, he's smelled cigar smoke in the 'smoke free' study, and he saw a blur of white light flash across the second-floor hallway. Mr. Caster is a retired teacher who has obviously developed nerves of steel over the years.

Doe-Anderson Building
Location :: 223 East Broadway
This is the former home of machinist Henry Vogt, who had many family parties on the property. Jim Lindsey, a retired executive at the old building, said that he was alone in there one night working late when a party got so loud he fled in fear, leaving all of his unfinished work behind him.

Eastern Cemetery
Location :: 641 Baxter Avenue
In 1989, it was discovered that the owners of Eastern Cemetery were burying more than one person in a single grave site. Criminal charges were brought against 3 Board Members of Louisville Crematory and Cemeteries Corp for 'overburying' the grounds, but all charges were dismissed. It doesn't look like anyone will be held accountable for the crime. The Ghosts are not pleased.

Garrs Lane House

 Location:: Private Residence
This house was only constructed in 1958, but the ground it stands on obviously contains the energy of many souls who have been there far longer. Within the first 11 years after the home was built, nine different families moved in, and then they moved out. Eight of these dwellers actually bought the house, but for some reason all decided it was not a place to live in for very long and sold it. In October of 1969, new owners bought the house and their brave family members still live there today. Fortunately, they keep a journal of the unusual things that happen there, and some of the photographs of the home's interior might really surprise you when you get a closer look.  

Jefferson Community College Campus
Location :: 109 East Broadway
There is so much activity on this campus, the security cheif keeps a special file that documents everything strange that is reported to his office. Footsteps are heard, the elevator goes up and down with nobody on it, lights flicker, doorknobs turn, and figures have been seen floating around. Two cleaning women quit their jobs because of the unusual events that take place at JCC. The resident ghost seems to be Lucy Stites Barrett, the wife of James Rankin Barrett. James built the Jefferson structure and placed an inscription in Lucy's memory over a fireplace which remains to this day. 

John E's Restaurant and Lounge
Location:: 3708 Bardstown Road (Closed)
John E's originally began as a simple two-story, four room log structure believed to have been built around 1851 by a son of George Hikes, a Revolutionary War hero who received the substantial acreage the building sits on as a land grant. Unexplained occurences take place at this location during all hours of the day, and night. The old Hikes family cemetery rests just a few feet away from the Patio Room's shady side exit. On two separate occasions the cold water in the women's restroom turned on by itself as a friendly courtesy, surprising the restaurant's Hostess, who witnessed the event up close.  The active ghost was given a name at some point over the years, so when the electricity plays tricks on the staff, or strange noises come from the upper cabin floor when no one is there; Katie did it.

Mitchell Hill Road (Hot Rod Haven)Location :: Off Mt. Holley Road near The Jefferson Memorial Forest
Mitchell Hill Road is a twisted lane that climbs up to an old cemetery where the remains of local folks rest, including members of the Mitchell Family. Because the road can be dangerous even at low speed, many high speed thrill seekers have lost their lives there over the years. The legend of two young teenagers crashing at the bottom of the road on their way to their prom is most likely true. Some people claim they have seen the female crash victim at the cemetery entrance, still wearing her prom dress.

Pope Lick Road Train Trestle

location :: Off Taylorsville Road
This is a serious Urban Legend of a half-goat-half-man-type creature that causes young people to be curious enough to climb a 90 foot, 772 foot long train trestle that they have no logical reason to be on. Some stories claim that the "Goat Man" scares the kids away when they try to climb, and they keep going back to find him again. Other stories claim the teenagers are drawn there unknowingly, and don't realize they are on the tracks until it's too late. The legend has been around for several generations and has taken the lives of at least two young men. Jack Charles Bahm II, 17,  was killed on the trestle by a train in February of 1988, and 19 year old David Wayne Bryant passed in May of 1987 from injuries he suffered a year earlier when he had to jump from the tracks to avoid being hit. Don't go there, you'll be arrested by the police.

The Seelbach Hotel
Location :: 500 Fourth Avenue, Louisville KY
In 1907, a young bride's husband was tragically killed before he could return to their ballroom wedding reception at the hotel. It is said that she threw herself down an elevator shaft and died after hearing the news of her lost love. A female ghost has been seen in the hotel wearing a blue gown, and some people actually smell her unusual perfume. Could she be the mourning bride? There are lots of stories about this grand hotel. Update: Who is the real Lady in Blue?

The Palace Theatre
Location :: 625 South Fourth Street
If you've never been to this theatre, you must go once just to experience it's  unique beauty and charm. If you visit, remember to keep looking up. I can understand completely why the former projectionist haunts this building. It's a wonderful place to be.

The Speed Museum
Location :: 2035 South Third Street
The museum was founded in 1925 by Hattie Bishop Speed as a memorial to her late husband, James Breckinridge Speed. A female apparition has been seen at the Speed in the basement. Perhaps it's Hattie, making sure her plans for the museum are being carried out as she wanted them to be.

U.S. Marine Hospital
Location :: Portland Avenue
This old military hospital was built in the mid-1800s and is now a National Historic Landmark. Apparitions of Cival War soldiers are said to patrol the grounds, and lights have been seen going on and off inside. Slamming doors have also been reported at this location even though it stands locked.

Waverly Hills Historical Society

The sanatorium has a dark history, to be sure, as a lot of good people died there alone with no hope. Two young men died tragically on the property also, long after the sanatorium had closed. However, much of what is claimed about the location is fiction. You can make reservations to spend time in parts of the old building, then decide for yourself if the dead walk the halls. But, be prepared, because there's a very good chance that they do.


Pitts Point ( ghost town )Location :: Fort Knox Property in Bullitt County
This entire town was purchased by the federal government in 1940 and all of the families were forced to move out of their homes, schools and businesses. They had to leave their dead in 19 found cemeteries that still remain. Strange tales about marching soldiers that vanish come from Fort Knox all of the time, but I have a feeling nobody is ever there to witness what happens in the empty buildings, streets and cemeteries of old Pitts Point.

Talbott Tavern ( formerly Talbott Inn)

Location :: 107 West Stephen Foster in Bardstown
Built in 1779, this was once an old stagecoach stop and Pony Express hub that provided food, drink and shelter  to the likes of folks such as Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, and even young Abe Lincoln. Modern guests have reported ghostly activity, and knowing how tragically the Talbott children left this world, it's not a surprise. After the fire in 1998, underground tunnels, secret rooms, and stairs going nowhere have added to the mystery.  


Culbertson Mansion
Location :: 914 East main Street in New Albany 

William S. Culbertson was a rich man worth close to 3.5 million at the time of his death in 1892. He was well known in New Albany, and had been married 3 times before he died at age seventy. He built this mansion for his second wife and their family. Her name was Cornelia, and she is said to haunt this house most when she is unhappy that no renovations are taking place. Because William also gave mansions to poor widows and orphans, you'd think he'd be a kind man, but it is known that he and Cornelia had a "punishment room" built  for the children on the third floor of this house. A four foot square cubicle made of latticework was where the children were placed when they misbehaved, and this is where paranormal investigators have found the most negative energy. 
Howard Steamboat Museum
Location :: 1101 East Market Street in Jeffersonville
The Howard Steamboat Museum is supposed to be haunted by  the ghost of James Howard himself. He is said to roam the basement wearing his signature top hat. 

Willard Library
Location :: 21 First Avenue in Evansville
The Library is very well known for it's Lady in Grey ghost. She is so active in the building, the library staff has set up three different cameras to watch her. The location is most likely haunted by Louise Carpenter, the daughter of the library's founder. Louise sued the library's Board of Trustees a long time ago, claiming that her father was "of unsound mind" and was unduly influenced in establishing the library. In other words, her father was crazy for handing everything over to strangers and out of the family. She lost her case, her family fortune, and her claim to her beloved books. Some believe she will haunt the place until the property and holdings are returned to the Willard Carpenter living heirs.