Farmhouse: Painting The Front Porch

Rust and old paint is scraped with a wire brush and sanded.

Scallop trim gets 2 coats of black paint with rust inhibitor.

Next Step: Coat the awning interior with white metal paint.


Blackberry Picking

I picked enough ripe blackberries this week to make a lovely cobbler.

From The Old Farmer's Almanac



HoneyBear Farms will be at The Kentucky State Fair August 15th - 25th!



Sometimes, you have to search in the dark to find the light.


Home Again

I spent some time alone at the farm to get a better feel of the place, but it didn't feel like I was there by myself. A 94 year old woman spent the majority of her life on this property. It would be kinda foolish to think she wasn't still there, in her paradise on Earth.


Freezing Blueberries

From U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council
  • Use fresh blueberries that are completely dry when you pop them in the freezer. Don’t worry about rinsing the berries before you freeze them; simply place them, still in their original containers, in resealable plastic bags and store them on your freezer shelf.
  • If you prefer to rinse the blueberries first, dry them well with paper towels, then transfer them to freezer containers or resealable plastic bags for freezing. The blueberries will freeze individually so you can remove just the portion you need.
  • If you didn’t wash your blueberries before freezing them, rinse them just before use.
  • For best results, toss your home-frozen blueberries into oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, shakes or sauces within 10 months.