Earth Magic - Electromagnetic - Biomagnetic
Imagine standing barefoot in a steady stream of water, like that of a shallow creek. As you look down at your feet, you see that the water is redirected around your ankles, and they do not stop the natural water flow. The tiny pebbles protected under your feet are not disturbed, but you see the pebbles surrounding your feet shift out of place as a floating twig is carried across them by the moving water. 

We are part of nature, and can redirect natural energy.  
Cause and Effect - Action and Reaction 
Cause and effect is a relationship between events or things, where one is the result of the other or others. 
This is a combination of action and reaction.  

Curse Removal
Cursing means to wish ill will toward others. To state this wish as if to bring it about, is a curse. 
To invoke a curse upon another by using conjure or spells is not wise, as it is reversed in removal.  

Psychic Cleansing
It simply washes away negative energy. It renews positive energy, and helps to sustain it. Cleansing can be administered to animals, people, places, and things. Herbs, combined with water, air, and fire, is the natural, and most effective way to cleanse mind, body, and spirit.
Charms, talismans, and amulets are really no different than the tiny pendants or beads you'll find on a necklace or bracelet in a jewelry store at the mall. They're reminders, charged with strong emotional energies. You wear these objects or keep them near because of how they make you feel. 

They don't guard you. They keep you on guard.

Invocation: The act of invoking or calling upon some agent of higher authority for assistance.
Petition: A written or spoken request for specific assistance or desired outcome. 
Incantation: The words spoken or used in invocation. 

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