Private Readings Requested Online

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Four Card Spread

When you request a reading, your results are sent back to you electronically by email usually within 48 hours. Each card's position and meaning are fully explained, and they are included in the reader's written interpretation. It is not necessary to explain your request, or ask specific questions. If the cards have a message for you, what you seek is already known to them. The reader is an interpreter, not a psychic, and will not understand a message meant for you.


An ordinary deck of playing cards is used for readings. The cards are shuffled thoroughly, cut three times, and laid into position on a table top in front of the reader.

Example 4 Card Spread

This simple 4 card spread doesn't go too far into the past or the future, and focuses mainly on the here and now; your immediate past, present, future, and the influences that surround you.

One time readings are $12.00 each, and arrangements can be made in advance for recurring readings at a reduced rate. Fees are paid online through PayPal. Click the button below to request your reading...

Special Events - TBA
Readings are sometimes held in public spaces during special events. Time, date, and location will be posted here, and on the front page. Readings held at private events (parties, weddings, etc.) are not available at this time.